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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

ATNC Monitoring Network protested at Hitachi in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, the ATNC Monitoring Network, mainly members from Labour and China and Globalization Monitor, and SACOM went to Hitachi's office for protest this morning.

An Assistant Manager at Hitachi reiterated that it was not an issue in Hong Kong and refused to respond. The group was disappointed that the spokesperson simply denied any responsibility of the Hong Kong Hitachi office. However, he promised that he will send our statement to Hitachi headquarters. A journalist from RTHK came to report the action. Hope that it will be on air. 


* Hitachi is a customer of Asahi Kosei, and Asahi Kosei is in the supply chain of Hitachi. All the workers whose violation of rights  were highlighted by Charles Hector work at the Asahi Kosei factory producing the products of Asahi Kosei
* Hitachi has their own Hitachi Group Codes of Conduct - where they also claim that they will select suppliers that respect human rights,....they also subscribe to the UN Global Compact, and also the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct....
- this is the reason why the Hong Kong group decided to protest at Hitachi 

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